Sunday, November 19, 2006


HOLY FUCK! The movie was good! Back to the old classic Bond feel but with cell phones. Lots of it. The art direction is superb and the use of Le Parkour Stunts were impressive... French word that means free running... or PK for short. Not to be mistaken with the HK PK meaning:). Anyway, think Jackie Chan stunts... which BTW is were the inspiration of Le Parkour came from.

The fighting was also good. It's more down to Earth fighting. None of that wire work and over the top shit coming out these days. This is like a James Bond makeover which caters to the the Jack Bauer crowd. The JB in this movie could probably be comparable to Jack Bauer on 24. Both have very good melee skills and kick major ass. But Bond gets more chicks... sorry Jack.

Anyway, I'm no film critic, but it's a movie I just had to talk about.


freakystyley said...

The guy reminds me of a modern and more rugged Steve McQueen. I think the casting choice is awesome... makes all the other Bonds look like campy fruitcakes in comparison.

MNH World said...

I think that Daniel Craig is so hot. His pecks are proportional and at the right height. His blue eyes are just so hypnotizing....!

Brian Yam said...

I think he's hot too! He looks totally like McQueen. Sigh!