Friday, February 08, 2008

My Wing Chun Diary (Collage)

"My Wing Chun Diary" is a collage of some of my notes and sketches taken from Sifu Gary Lam's Wing Chun classes. Most of its content illustrates various upper body mechanics, such as positioning, angles, timing, power points, and a few Wing Chun maxims. Granted, the original piece was sold at Gallery Nucleus, but I did manage to save a digital version to share a glimpse of Gary Lam's knowledge with my Wing Chun brothers and sisters.

Print Description:
- Title: My Wing Chun Diary
- Size: 18"x24"
- Year: 2007


Kinman said...

haha sweet! it's like the holy grail of kicking ass..

Humberto said...

Cool! Can I get a larger image? I'd love to check it more carefully, I am a practitioner myself too!

luciaum said...

hi, very nice, there is a larger image somewere? tnks