Monday, September 22, 2008

Concept Design Academy - Fall 08

Hi All,

The Concept Design Academy is starting its new 2008 fall term real soon! This time, I'll be teaching a vehicle and mech class that'll be focusing on functionality, design, and oodles of fun - hopefully continuing the great work of my predecessors Darren Quach and Carlo Arellano. Those guys are SICK!

Also, much PROPS goes to Brian Yam for being a great teaching buddy, to Kevin Chen for giving me this great opportunity, and Ben Zhu/Gallery Nucleus for letting us use his space and art books.


MNH World said...

Ve-hi-cle and Mech?

Felix Lim said...

Hi John, Im taking ur class this semester. Looking forward to it.
Im driving really far to be there but Im sure it'll be worth it.

John Wu said...

Felix, I'm really flattered. I'll do my best to give you a ton of good info.

James Paick said...

hey John,
Its nice to hear from you bro!
hows everything going? nice to see your stuff in DAM =)
btw...great inspirational work!

John Wu said...

Thanks James. Nice to see your stuff in DAM as well. I also find your work inspiring. For a while now I've been kinda bored with art, and looking at your work gives me passion to get back into it. So thanks!:P.

dq said...

sup John!
good seeing you in again this sunday at kevin's class. Let's catch up after I get back in a couple of weeks! In the meantime good luck with the mechs class :D