Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BAFTA Video Game Awards - flOwer PS3

"The visually stunning FLOWER won this year’s Artistic Achievement BAFTA. Lauded by the jury as a ‘triumph… that could only ever exist in the interactive medium’, the game takes players on a swooping journey through beautiful, dreamlike landscapes."

Check out the full list here:

I guess I must be doing something right:). That Game Company is already an insanely talented and innovative group, I'm just glad I got to help them with art direction from the publisher side... more like art guide early on the project than actually directing, really. Also, much props goes to George Weising for some heavy lifting on the design front.

Below is a sample of the stuff I did on the project. More at:


Jackson Sze said...

Congrats dude! Game is relaxing and beautiful!

John Wu said...

Thanks Jackson. The game is relaxing, especially the music. The TGC guys are truly inspiring.

dq said...

dang I keep telling myself Im going to buy this! I still have to play it. It looks like the art was translated really well into the final version though!

MNH World said...

Congrats on the award!