Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My new bike!... and a brief update...

I finally got the guts to buy a real bike (Suzuki SV650)... with gears and them thing you call a clutch. My 250cc Honda Reflex scooter just wasn't cutting it. It's great during slow moving traffic and in the city, but it picks up too slow on higher speeds. Passing other vehicles proved to be difficult, especially when the speed starts to pick up. There were times when I was almost sandwiched between cars, or when drivers intentionally block my path when I'm in between lanes. I'm sorry bud, you can cut through traffic too if you're willing to put your life on the line. The worst was when this crazy ass bitch in an SUV tried to change lanes into me without checking her blind spots. The car was so close that it actually nudged my shoulder. And to top it off , she honked at me. WTF? Anyway, here's the pic of my new moto.

Work has been awesome. I'm finally loving what I do... for once. Art was never my thing... even though I'm an artist by trade, my true passion is coming up with game ideas/mechanics, or ideas in general, and let someone else take credit for them:)... that's just the way it is... don't ask. I guess this passion of coming up with clever ideas goes way back to the early stages of Ratchet and Clank. Back then, I used to come up with weapon ideas, gadgets, and gameplay mechanics. I'm even surprised that Insomniac used my disco ball idea for their next RC for the PS3. How cool is that?! Those were the days. So now my new job at SCEA is essentially jamming with the designers on game mechanics and problem solving. This new step can hopefully shave off some R&D work from the developer's end, thus saving time and money.